How to Complete Loan Modification Forms – Get Qualified and Approved

Homes / May 27, 2016

If you are facing hardship in making your monthly mortgage payment and you are planning to modify your loan. The first step is to contact your lender and submit the required loan modification forms. Each lender has their own guidelines for the approval process. Before you contact your lender or mortgage company make sure you know what the lender is looking in your application to get you approved.

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Refinancing: Focus On Rate or Term?

Mortgage / May 5, 2016

This issue is of great consequence because it will determine the costs and benefits that the borrower will obtain by refinancing the mortgage home loan. Let us analyze how these variables affect affordability. It will depend basically on the needs of the borrower whether one should focus on the rate or the loan’s term. However, there are additional things to take into account as in some situations a longer

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VA Home Improvement Loan

Homes / April 26, 2016

There are many varieties of loans offered to veterans and service personnel, and a home improvement loan is one of them. Repairing an existing house using ordinary home improvement loans could turn out to be quite costly compared to VA home improvement loans. Home improvement loans can be used for any repairing work carried on the house. Now veterans can borrow up to 90% of their

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Basic Guidelines For Qualifying For an FHA Loan

Homes / April 22, 2016

The FHA home loans are perfect for home buyers who cannot afford big down payment. Millions of home buyers have taken advantage of the FHA home loan program since it was introduced by the Federal Housing Authority in 1934. The program is feasible for home buyers who do not have a big down payment as the requirements for down payments are lower than with usual mortgages. Qualifying

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Low Income Home Loans

Selling / April 19, 2016

There are a lot of people out there who assume because they do not make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year that they will never own a home. The fact of the manner is that there are many low income home loans that you can choose from to help you get into a home, even if you don’t make six figures a year! This is good news for a growing percentage of the population who would like to own a home but doesn’t

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Jim Flaherty Announces New Mortgage Rules – Canadians, Call Your Mortgage Brokers!

Mortgage / April 7, 2016

The Globe and Mail reported this morning that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced new mortgage rules. Most high ratio mortgages (mortgages that are more than 75% the value of the home) are high ration insured by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and their lending guidelines (which are dictated by the Ministry of Finance) largely determine how much money you will

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Federal Loan Modification – Obama Wants You to Stay in Your Home

Homes / March 31, 2016

Are you behind in your home mortgage? You are probably aware that foreclosure could not be far off. President Obama wants you to stay in your home. He has funded 75 billion dollars in help for homeowners who are facing foreclosure just like you. If you qualify, a Federal Loan Modification could save your home. What is a loan modification, you might wonder? This is a totally reworked

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Valuable Insights on Home Mortgage Debt Help and Consolidation

Homes / March 30, 2016

That plenty of homeowners are confronted with mortgage repayment problems is no secret. Many people have had their repayment plans scuttled in one way or the other and this has forced them to look for alternative financing sources to meet their obligations. All is not gloom though; many lenders have introduced debt help programs that are becoming increasingly useful for financially-challenged

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Refinance Your Mortgage – How the Obama Administration is Making Refinancing Your Mortgage Appealing

Mortgage / March 22, 2016

To refinance your mortgage in this market is not only financially prudent, but is also very financially attractive thanks to new policies recently put in place by the Obama administration. If you are a homeowner who plans to be in your current household for at least another 3 years, it would behoove you to at least consider refinancing your mortgage. Interest rates are at historic lows

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Getting a Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit – Tips and Advice

Homes / March 15, 2016

Part of the American dream is being able to have a place to call your own. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to realize this dream because of their bad credit score. Getting a mortgage loan with bad credit is increasingly difficult. Especially since the recent housing crisis, many lenders are increasing their lending criteria. If you do have bad credit, there are some

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